tonight i worked with taylor sandy on a project she's been designing almost since i've known her, at least a year and a half. she had the idea to pour/paint/drip paint on hands. it was a fun shoot! our model is fellow photographer susannah smitherman.

this was a fun shoot, and taylor was so excited while doing it. she squealed a couple times. susannah had to be quite uncomfortable the entire time. we started off with her on the floor, on her back, head towards me with plastic bags covering her face and torso. we ended up with her on her back, on a cooler, head towards me covered in plastic. i snapped a pic of her face with the plastic. it made her look kind of dead. i thought it was funny. taylor thought it morbid. i still think it's funny.

these are behind the scenes shots as the finished shots are not complete, and since it's taylor's shoot, they're not my shots to publish. once she and i go through them and edit as she wants, i'll post what she approves.

these are shot with a profoto acute with two background lights with 3' strip lights and an 8' octobox on the subject.