I'm a commercial/fashion photographer by accident, a by-product. Photography was always a tool, a means to an end. Originally the photos I took were reference points for paintings. Now the photos are the ends themselves. I never desired to be a commercial/fashion photographer, but let's face it, commercial photography pays the bills better than painting would. Yes, in an ideal world, I'd be painting every day instead of in the studio photographing subjects...we don't live in an ideal world. I do love it now. It's fun to catch the context of a moment...which isn't easy to do in a painting. Recalling the moment later isn't easy either. Now, I can capture the moment, and in post, I can add the atmosphere as I see fit. Painting has always been about concealing as much as it is about revealing. It's the same with photography.

In my personal work, I'll probably forever approach photography less in a commercial sense and more with a fine art approach. Fine art is my background. My influences range from the grandeur of the baroque painter Caravaggio to the minimalist works of Mark Rothko.