it's been a while since i've added anything to Nisshi, so i thought i should add something to get myself going again. it's not that i've not been shooting. it's that i've simply not been adding shoots here. HAHA anyway...

last night i shot with Erisse 'Petey' Peterson. it was a great time! i'd originally asked her to shoot for my Action! series because of her giant beautiful braids. since they turn silver about halfway down, i thought i'd shoot her on black as i shot Haley a few months ago, but they weren't turning out as i'd planned. i scratched the Action! shots and went for these black vignetted images. i am quite pleased with how they turned out. she's great to work with.

these were shot with a canon 5Ds with two profoto b1 heads. the key light is just a normal reflector from high above. the little fill is a 3' strip box off the right side. the background is an extra durable plastic coated foam core. it's heavy duty stuff. as always, everything is processed with NIK and Photoshop.


Wednesday night, I got lucky with Meaghan Pocock, and by that, I mean I got the chance to shoot with her! She's a peach and so much fun to work with! Taylor Sandy was our stylist for the evening. We shot lots of different outfits with lots of different accessories. Meaghan can make anything look great! A friend who saw a preview asked, "what needs styling?" Well, it takes a lot of effort to make so little look so great (on both efforts of Meaghan and Taylor). I'm lucky to work with both!

These shots took place over two nights. We shot the week prior, too, so some of these are from the 18th, and some are from the previous week. Both shoots were shot with Profoto lights, modifiers and power packs. Modifiers used are: beauty dish, magnum and an 8' octobox. I wanted to shoot with a variety of sources to get as many different looks as I could get. These were shot into Capture 1 and edited with Photoshop and NIK.

Super fun night working with two super fun folks! It's shoots like these that make me realize just how lucky I am!


recently i've started a series i'm going to continue which is heavily inspired by the work of the artist Robert Longo. as a youngster, i was enthralled by his figure work. the idea is simple, to capture action. over the last few weeks, i've photographed a few friends in the studio while having them jump and twist and twirl. i've even thrown tennis balls at them in order to capture a less aware pose. when i process these photos and take the subject out of the original context, they appear to be dancing; i like this effect a lot. i have appointments with more folks to photograph them in this manner. i am excited about this series and look forward to expanding and evolving it.

these are presented in the order in which i shot them. by the fourth model, i began taking the frames off and allowing the forms to overlap into the space of the neighboring photo and still breaking free from the canvas along the edges.

these are large, and i hope, eventually, to print them. my next model is a woman. i'm looking forward to those result. this has been one of those projects that turned out exactly as i conceptualized. now i'm looking forward to the evolution and continuation. i have an idea for the use of rope around their waists. when they jump, i'll have someone tug the rope to get an even less aware pose! now i'm on the search for an adventurous model!

thank you