tonight i tested Chameleon Colors again with my friend, actress, stylist and model Gar-Ye. i've known her a few years. she's always wonderful to work with in any capacity, and i look forward to future shoots with her! we've got a few planned!

tonight was to test how the colors worked with water. it didn't react to the spray mist as i thought it would, but it reacted in an interested way nonetheless. the colors both blend and clump, and i like that quite a bit. also, the water increases the vibrancy and saturation.

i've enough tests now to move to a final shoot. i hope to get one more test in next week to test how well the color bombs will work with high speed in an attempt to catch them exploding on impact. my favorite aspect of these Chameleon Colors so far is how they layer and build on each other.

these are shot with a 3' octobox as the key and 3' strip light for minor highlight in the hair. as usual, these are profoto. the octobox is an acute, and the strip was a slaved B1. everything is processed with Capture1, NIK and Photoshop.