this series took a turn as i was processing these images. as i've shot and processed these images, i kept making and breaking the very rules i began with. one of the very first rules i made (and why i made this rule, i have no idea why) was that each image should leave the canvas in three directions which is also why i originally "framed" each shot. the second rule was making sure the images broke the canvas at the top and bottom. the third rule became keeping the entire image inside the canvas without breaking the canvas at all. the rule i was using until today was that images couldn't overlap. in one of the original shots of Haley, i found myself struggling with an overlap. i wanted two images next to each other, but i couldn't make it happen without an overlap. yes, i could have liquified the situation and been done with it. as i lined up the two images, i didn't mind the overlap. in fact, i liked it. since that, i have been thinking about that overlap. today, this overlap is what i came up with.

i am enjoying the slow evolution of these shots, and all the little rules i've made only to break later have all been good choices. this one, i'm liking a lot. while processing this, i was coming up with all kinds of projects i want to do with these. here's to making another rule and breaking it!