tonight i had the pleasure to shoot my very good friend Hailey del Rio's paper cuts, illustrations, design and watercolor work. Hailey is remarkably talented, and she always impresses me with how technically talented and clever she is. her design and illustration work is always top-notch.

if you get the chance, check out her website at www.longshotcollective.com for any design or commission work you need. it was so cool to get to see all these (and many more as what i have here is just a sampling) in person to shoot them. for all you Vegas locals, she'll be at first friday this week, too! stop by her location and check her out!

you can contact Hailey at:

2013 and 2014 miscellaneous shots while hiking in nevada and utah

here is a very small sampling of landscape shots i've taken in and around las vegas since i've been here. there are two samples of outside nevada when i trekked into utah. these photos represent a small fraction of places i've hiked over the last two years since living in vegas. soon, possibly this month or early next, i'm planning on going to death valley (before it gets too hot).  i'm also planning on going to the salt flats soon, too. 

when it comes to landscapes, i begin with the anselm adams "sunny 16" rule. i'm often surprised by the number of professional photographers i meet who do not know this rule. it simply states to shoot f16 and to match your iso and shutter speed. interestingly enough, i don't shoot at 16. i actually shoot 18. i like the increase of density and saturation i get at 18. it feels bolder to me. i learned this working in a photo lab for years. whenever i'd process my negatives and photos in my lab, i'd end up adding a couple +density to all my photos. perhaps on occasion, they come across as over saturated to some. if you're not careful, the photos may begin to take on the appearance of cross process which may or may not be what you're going for.



Today was a fun day shooting for Whitney Eve Port's new clothing line "Whitney Eve". These shots represent a few of her new line coming out soon for spring. I spent most of the day working with Whitney and her sister Paige who is the brand director. It was also pleasant because I got to work with Rica and Clayton (stylists) for the first time today. Of course it's always a good day shooting with Logan (model).

We ended with about fifteen distinct looks, and what's here is just a sampling. These are very straight forward shots as many of them will be used for product shots. We had a good time and quite a bit of fun on set. 

Not much to say photography wise. These are shot with a large soft box as a key and a small soft box as a fill. The lights are Profoto.

Designer and Stylist - Whitney Port
Stylist - Paige Port
Model - Logan Stanton
Stylist - Ricamae Lomibao
Stylist - Clayton McGee


tonight i did a test shoot with good friends Katie Avara and Taylor Sandy as stylist. Katie did a wonderful job enduring whatever we threw at her...no pun intended. there were so many fun shots to choose from that it was very difficult to narrow down to these few. this is my first attempt at this, but i am looking forward to doing many more!

these were shot with profoto B1s with the new high speed sync firmware update. this is actually my first time testing the new firmware. i have a 3' strip light on each side of her and a profoto magnum in the front as the key. at the end, i turned off the magnum and got some really good shots, too.



monday morning i shot a lot of men's fashion with Cheyne. i'm quite the fan of sweaters, and the larger the neck detail, the more i like it. i've always wondered with more designers don't make cowl neck sweaters for men. i'd buy them. these were the sweaters i liked the most out of all we shot. was a fun morning with a cool model.

these were all shot with a profoto 4x6 softbox as the key and a profoto beauty dish as the fill. there's no real editing to any of these shots outside minor color correction for a slight white balance concern. i white balanced as i normally do, but these turned slightly red. no big deal

20141028.self as Van Gogh

this is a series of self-portraits i worked on a few months ago. i watched a series of documentaries about great painters through the ages. i've always studied art history, but i've never been one to delve too far into someone's personal life. i focused primarily on their work based upon a quote i often think about from the philosopher nietzsche, "i am one thing; my work is another." we don't have to respect or even like a person to appreciate said person's work. they are different things.

this documentary about van gogh has a lot of quotes by vincent from letters he wrote to his brother. each of these photos is named one of the quotes. this was a fun series to work on. creating the atmosphere and making "dirt" was interesting and intrigued me. taking on the role of actor also interested me. i am pleased with the outcome, and i hope yous guys enjoy them as much as i did taking and working on them.

"it’s me, but it’s me gone mad." -Van Gogh

"it’s me, but it’s me gone mad." -Van Gogh

"i pick up dirt from the floor and eat it." -Van Gogh

"i pick up dirt from the floor and eat it." -Van Gogh

"what am i, to most people?" -Van Gogh

"what am i, to most people?" -Van Gogh

"a place where one can destroy oneself, go mad or commit a crime." -Van Gogh

"a place where one can destroy oneself, go mad or commit a crime." -Van Gogh

"i’m trying to recover, like someone trying to commit suicide but makes for the bank because he finds the water too cold." -Van Gogh

"i’m trying to recover, like someone trying to commit suicide but makes for the bank because he finds the water too cold." -Van Gogh


recently i've started a series i'm going to continue which is heavily inspired by the work of the artist Robert Longo. as a youngster, i was enthralled by his figure work. the idea is simple, to capture action. over the last few weeks, i've photographed a few friends in the studio while having them jump and twist and twirl. i've even thrown tennis balls at them in order to capture a less aware pose. when i process these photos and take the subject out of the original context, they appear to be dancing; i like this effect a lot. i have appointments with more folks to photograph them in this manner. i am excited about this series and look forward to expanding and evolving it.

these are presented in the order in which i shot them. by the fourth model, i began taking the frames off and allowing the forms to overlap into the space of the neighboring photo and still breaking free from the canvas along the edges.

these are large, and i hope, eventually, to print them. my next model is a woman. i'm looking forward to those result. this has been one of those projects that turned out exactly as i conceptualized. now i'm looking forward to the evolution and continuation. i have an idea for the use of rope around their waists. when they jump, i'll have someone tug the rope to get an even less aware pose! now i'm on the search for an adventurous model!

thank you