2013 and 2014 miscellaneous shots while hiking in nevada and utah

here is a very small sampling of landscape shots i've taken in and around las vegas since i've been here. there are two samples of outside nevada when i trekked into utah. these photos represent a small fraction of places i've hiked over the last two years since living in vegas. soon, possibly this month or early next, i'm planning on going to death valley (before it gets too hot).  i'm also planning on going to the salt flats soon, too. 

when it comes to landscapes, i begin with the anselm adams "sunny 16" rule. i'm often surprised by the number of professional photographers i meet who do not know this rule. it simply states to shoot f16 and to match your iso and shutter speed. interestingly enough, i don't shoot at 16. i actually shoot 18. i like the increase of density and saturation i get at 18. it feels bolder to me. i learned this working in a photo lab for years. whenever i'd process my negatives and photos in my lab, i'd end up adding a couple +density to all my photos. perhaps on occasion, they come across as over saturated to some. if you're not careful, the photos may begin to take on the appearance of cross process which may or may not be what you're going for.